Get jacked up

As the end of the year approaches and seasonal closures arrive offshore, fishy options shift from species to species and place to place. Fortunately, there are plenty of choices in offshore waters to both bend a rod and hitch a ride back to the hill. […]

Deer of the Year

Coin flip leads to record book buck for Marion huntress

Abby Cribb of Marion, S.C. has killed her share of deer with a rifle, but this year, she wanted to try something new. Her boyfriend has always been a very encouraging hunting partner, so he bought her a bow, and assured her that she would enjoy killing a big buck with it even more than the ones she’s killed with a rifle. […]


Big reds like Grand Strand beaches, too

Fall fishing action fires off all over the South Carolina coast this time of year, but for big-fish action, you don’t have to go far from the beach. Big, bull redfish are heading out of inlets for the ocean, where they will spend the winter, making nearshore waters, especially those off the Grand Strand, prime areas to be brought to your knees by a strong fish. […]


Flounder begin move to MI estuary

Flounder are a staple up and down the Atlantic coast, and many areas along the coast of the Carolinas produce plenty of flounder, but South Carolina’s Murrells Inlet isn’t just any place for an ordinary haul. […]


Target redbreasts on South Carolina’s fertile Lynches River

Many fish species can get sluggish this time of year. But one that bites just as aggressively as ever is the redbreast sunfish. And South Carolina’s Lynches River is one of the top spots to find these colorful panfish. The river’s small feeder creeks, abundance of downed timber and plentiful food make it a great place to spend a summer day. […]