Deer of the Year

Two 14-point bucks go down to father-son duo

Father and son duo, Jerry and Carson Lee of Johnsonville, S.C., blasted two 150-inch bucks less than 12 hours apart in the wake of Hurricanes Florence and Michael. The Lees had been watching both 14-pointers for more than a year on their two hunting properties — one in Williamsburg County and the other in Florence County.



Hide live-bait gear from sharp-eyed Spanish

For anglers to be successful, the target-of-the-day must be kept in the dark from the angler above, yet some fish don’t seem to care or are too involved in feeding to recognize the meal they are getting ready to eat has a razor-sharp hook hanging out. […]


New kayak gear reviews

It’s a skiff. It’s a dinghy. It’s a tender. It’s a paddleboard. It’s a BOTE … in a bag. Meet the Rover AeroBOTE, the most-portable paddle skiff on the market. It goes from travel bag to BOTE and back again, easy to store, tags along on any adventure, and stands up to the toughest tests on any waterway — and even baggage claim. […]

Deer of the Year

Florence County huntress kills massive 11 point buck

Madison Parker of Florence, S.C. began sitting in the deer stand with her dad when she was just a baby, so it was fitting that the two were sitting together on Sept. 6 when the 19-year-old killed the biggest deer of her life, an 11-point buck that weighed 195 pounds and had a massive rack that has been rough scored at 140 inches. […]


Metal-free mackerel

After another hot Carolina summer, the fall fishing season finally arrives this month in all corners. From slab crappie gulping shiners at Lake Moultrie to gator trout crushing Flukes around Little River, cooling conditions ignite a feeding frenzy in freshwater and saltwater environments.  […]


Grand Strand sailfish move nearshore as water heats up

While many anglers hate August’s heat, it brings periods of calm seas and good fishing along the beaches of South Carolina’s Grand Strand. For anglers aspiring to wrestle with a billfish — but lacking an offshore vessel — August is the time to target sailfish, often well within sight of land.  […]


Red shell game – Spring breakup of South Carolina redfish schools comes in March

It may not match winter in northern climates, but South Carolina does have a season that’s colder than the rest, and when it arrives, redfish gaggle up by the hundreds into tight groups in headwater creeks in marshes, providing anglers with easy-to-find targets. But as soon as Mother Nature turns up the heat at the approach of spring, the fish appear to scatter and vanish into thin air. […]