Paddling the tailing tides

August can be a tough month for a lot of inshore species due to high water temperatures, but it also offers some great opportunities to sight-fish for redfish in a lot of areas across the Carolinas.  […]

Bass Fishing

Time to grind it out

A lot of bass fishermen really don’t like to fish in August, and I can understand why. The weather is so hot, it’s miserable, and it’s reflected in the way the fish bite. It’s a grind-it-out month, when you go to the lake, work your butt off and hopefully, you can catch five fish. […]


Grilled mackerel fajitas

Don’t like king mackerel? Try them in this tasty treat Not everyone appreciates the taste of king mackerel, but I can’t remember ever meeting anyone who didn’t enjoy catching them. Plus, they are one of […]


Canopy plots can attract deer

Protected areas can be used as food-plot sites Deer and other wildlife live in a wide variety of natural communities, including forested and non-forested venues. Deer utilize habitats they are accustomed to, whether it’s a […]


A release that’s handy

Hand-held release aids are becoming more and more popular in the archery world, and for good reason The majority of bowhunters shoot using a mechanical release aid, and most of them here in the Southeast […]