Deer Hunting

Orange County buck officially declared state’s No. 2 all-time archery trophy

A 16-point buck arrowed in Orange County in September is the officially second-largest ever taken by a bowhunter in North Carolina.

Ramon Bell and Joey Thompson, the president and chief scorer, respectively, from the North Carolina Bowhunters Association, laid the tape on a huge buck killed by Doug Malinowski on Sept. 27, after the Pope & Young Club’s required 60-day drying period. […]

Deer Hunting

Person County gives up another trophy whitetail

Mike Davis has been a deer hunter for more than 30 years, but 2011 was only his third season to try his luck in Person County.

The warden for the City of Burlington’s second water-supply impoundment (Lake MacIntosh) had never killed a trophy deer, and he wasn’t expecting to see one based on past experience.

Then again, Davis hadn’t hunted that much in Person, which is about in the middle of the northern tier of counties along the North Carolina-Virginia line that’s called “The Trophy Belt” of the Tar Heel state. […]

Deer Hunting

Farmville girl downs Hertford County trophy

Hannah Justice is only 13 years old, but she already has what thousands of grown men would love: a huge trophy buck to hang on the wall.

Justice, an eighth grader at Farmville Middle School, killed an enormous Hertford County 10-point buck on Nov. 11, that’s been green scored at 153 2/8 inches. […]

Deer Hunting

Randolph County produces blackpowder trophy for Franklinville man

Jason Harris saw a huge buck on Nov. 8 when he was hunting on a farm in Randolph County, but it was a little bit out of range for his muzzleloader.

Harris, from Franklinville, planned to return to the same stand the next morning, hoping the buck might come a little closer and give him a shot with this .50-caliber Thompson-Contender smokepole. […]

Deer Hunting

Trophy Bucks Locked-Up in Bertie County

Steve Johnson, 61, a retired detective from the county sheriff’s department, added two racks to his trophy collection the second week of November 2010 in perhaps the most-unusual way of any hunter last season — he was fishing two counties and 80-some miles away when he obtained his prizes. […]

Deer Hunting

Anderson hunter ‘stays home’ and kills trophy

Daniel Cathey of Anderson has killed his share of deer bowhunting, but before this season, he hadn’t taken one with a rifle in about eight years.

A friend’s report of spotting a trophy buck cross a road and walk into an open field on Oct. 19 prompted Cathey to dust off his gun and sight it in. He scouted the field, part of an 80-acre cattle farm, and while he saw no rubs and little sign of deer activity, he did find a good location to use a climbing stand. […]

Deer Hunting

Retirement paying off for teacher with two trophy bucks

Browning “Coach” Campbell, a native of Dillon County, is enjoying his retirement. He kicked off his golden years by killing a pair of big bucks the first week in November.

First, Campbell dispatched a 143-inch 10-pointer, and a few days later, he dropped a 6 ½-year-old main-frame 8-pointer with sticker points. […]

Deer Hunting

Beanfield produces Bertie trophy

Northeastern North Carolina has produced some outstanding whitetail bucks this season, and a Bertie County monster killed Nov. 9 by Lee Mizelle of Windsor may prove to be the best of them all. […]

Greener Pastures

Develop strategies for trophy deer

As a buck’s antler velvet begins to lose its blood supply and dry out at the tail end of the month, deer hunters need to review objectives and historical harvest data, then decide what their goals will be for the season. Throughout modern America, the sport of deer hunting is becoming more of a science, with greater emphasis on the scientific method. […]