Bass Fishing

Pull Lake Hartwell Bass to the Surface this Month

Topwater action on Lake Hartwell bass may sound surprising for summer fishing, but fish can be coaxed to the surface, even on the hottest days.August is never a fun time to be outdoors in South Carolina, that is, unless you really like offering yourself to the sun gods or the fish are biting on Lake Hartwell. […]

Deer Hunting

Deer in the 11th-hour

The temperature hovered around 25 degrees. As the light began to fade, crystals of frost started to form, and my breath rose into the cold morning air as I surveyed the edge of a field for any movement. […]

Deer Hunting

5 deer calibers that can’t be beat

The debate over the best rifle calibers for deer has been going on as long as hunters have sat around campfires. In the Carolinas, the array of calibers is as wide as the beaches that run along both states. Narrowing the list down to five is, well, challenging. […]


Don’t avoid public-land whitetails

More and more hunters are looking past public land in favor of joining hunt clubs and leases. It seems they are more willing to spend a lot of money to hunt on with others on a few hundred acres of land rather than spend $30.50 for access to hundreds of thousands of acres of WMA land. […]