Freshwater Fishing

Camp fishing best of both worlds

You climb out of your sleeping bag, fix a hearty breakfast on a camp stove, grab your fishing tackle, and minutes later, you’re in the water, doing what you like best — trout fishing.

No packing, no driving, just fishing. […]

Fish Like a Pro

Savings add up to more fishing

Boat gas $120, truck fuel $60, hotel $85 per night, dinner $15, food on the lake $10, tackle $100. As you are well aware, fishing can be expensive, especially for tournament anglers.

I’m always looking for ways to save money — on and off the road. What I’ve found is small savings really add up. […]


Being vane about arrows

One of the vital components of a good bow and arrow setup is the vanes (or “fletchings”) one chooses to use.

Some bowhunters prefer vinyl vanes; some like feathers. […]


Little River, Big Trout

Guide Gene Shuler approached the East Prong of the Little River’s first pool below the Chimneys campground on his hands and knees and from the side to avoid being seen by trout chasing cream midges to the surface. […]


Two Scoops Offshore

The previous night never really cooled off and, as Capt. Mike Webb eased the Pelagic Too into the calm waters of the Intracoastal Waterway underneath the Atlantic Beach Bridge, the haze obscured the lights at the Morehead City and Money Island Bay waterfronts. […]