Bass Fishing

How to catch more bass in the dark

During the hottest part of the year, it is often best to stick with the air conditioning,  watch fishing shows and ready your gear for the fall, but when the urge hits you and you just gotta go, one great option is to fish at night.


Bass Fishing

Top 5 spring bass baits

Growing up, I read plenty of articles that asked what single bass bait you would use if you could only choose one. Actually, we have lots of choices that often makes fishing confusing but fun.  […]

Bass Fishing

Take advantage of the bass bite

Usually I write about seasonal approaches to bass fishing this time of year, but all too often we tend to get caught up in what the fish should be doing instead of what they are actually doing.   […]

Bass Fishing

Tough? Go with wood

Fishing shallow wood is about as consistent  a pattern as you can find in September. Notoriously a tough month because fish are spread out, September can really test your angling skills. […]

Bass Fishing

The many stages of May

Bass have a whole lot going on in the spring. Spawning, fishing pressure and rising water temperatures all contribute to when and where you can catch fish. […]