Streams at lower elevations, with less gradient are perfectly suited to brown trout, which grow larger than their rainbow and brown trout cousins.

Looking for a brown-out

Brown trout aren’t native to the Carolinas, but they thrive throughout certain waters in both states. Anglers shouldn’t be afraid to upsize their lure offerings when targeting browns. […]

Tiny, colorful brook trout are among the most beautiful of all trout in North America, and they aren’t even a true trout, but a member of the char family.

Enjoying those beautiful brookies

For thousands of years, brook trout had mountain streams to themselves. Around the turn of the century, however, brook populations began an irreversible decline as widespread logging, railroad construction, agriculture and unregulated fishing exacted heavy tolls on both numbers and habitat. […]

Cataloochee Creek holds some great brook trout fishing, with plenty of fish from 7 to 10 inches long.

Cataloochee Creek is a real keeper

Few places exist where you can fish for trout with elk looking over your shoulder, and few streams in western North Carolina contain more brook trout than rainbows or brown trout. Cataloochee Creek in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park is such a place. […]

Yes, it’s cold in the winter in places in the Carolinas where trout are commonly caught, but don’t let that keep you off the stream.

Don’t get stuck in a fishing rut

Trout anglers in the Carolinas have more options than they could fish in a lifetime, so they shouldn’t get stuck on just one or two streams. Winter is a great time for fishing these waters. They are less crowded, and the trout will still bite enough to make it worth a trip. […]

Bass Fishing

Living out a dream

Austin Neary developed a passion for bass fishing when he was four years old, fishing from a boat dock on Lake Wylie near Charlotte, N.C. — a passion fueled by his father’s love for bass fishing. […]