Freshwater Fishing

Have a holiday striper

I make my living fishing for bass, and I certainly love to fish for them, but sometimes I like to fish for other species of gamefish. I love to fish for bream, crappie and striped bass, and December is the time I fish for stripers and hybrids in Lake Murray and Clarks Hill and Wateree and even Santee Cooper. […]

Freshwater Fishing

Christmas cats, stripers

With cooler weather settling in, most fish species are locked into winter patterns, but that doesn’t mean the fishing has cooled off. In fact, the fish on Lake Marion and Lake Moultrie get red hot for some species this month, and the action will last until after the first of the year. […]

Greener Pastures

It’s time to invigorate

With winter arriving this month, the bountiful natural foods of fall begin to dwindle. Deer and other wildlife consume the remaining acorns and start seeking out alternative food sources. […]

Deer Hunting

Big Game Kayakin’

At first blush, the thought of big game — at least where a kayak is concerned — conjures up thoughts of one of those guys who tries to hook up with a marlin or sailfish out in the deep blue off of someplace like Hawaii or Coast Rica where the bluewater is within paddling distance of the beach. […]

Bass Fishing

Black sea bass closure hurts

On Oct. 17, the South Atlantic Fisheries Management Council closed the season on black sea bass because the annual recreational catch limit had been met, striking a blow to an already hard-hit bottom-fishing industry. […]