Aiken County huntress kills giant buck in velvet

Lori Shaffer poses with her second deer of 2019, a 225-pound brute in full velvet.

Big buck was the second in first week of season for this huntress

This report comes from Lori Shaffer, one of our readers who posted her story on our Bag-A-Buck contest.

I have been fortunate to kill two very nice, full velvet, 8-point bucks the first 5 days of this 2019 season in Aiken County, SC. The second buck on Aug. 20, 2019 was a giant though. All that day I had planned to hunt because the high temperature was only supposed to be around 84 degrees from thunderstorms moving through the area. That was about 15 degrees cooler than what we usually have in August.

The SSW wind was perfect for my blind and we know the deer like to walk after the rain. My husband, Donnie, dropped me off at my ground blind at our man-made water hole about 5:30 PM. As the sun was beginning to set around 8:15 PM, I had a group of 4 bucks come into feed from the road to my right about 65 yards from me.

Daytime appearance spells doom for trophy deer

We had been seeing this group on our trail camera at this blind and one other stand for a couple of months. Most of the pictures were after dark, but about every 6 to 10 days, we would have a daytime picture of them.

I picked out the biggest buck, but it took several minutes to actually get a shot off because they were all bunched up together. I made a lung shot on the big 8 point with my Remington 25-06 using a 115 grain Berger bullet. He went about 40 yards in the thick brush but we had a really good blood trail. The 8 point was in full velvet, weighed 225 pounds and was 21 inches wide. It was one of my most exciting hunts.

–Lori Shaffer

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