New Products

Fish Monkey Guide Gloves

A line of gloves designed for comfort and protection of all kinds for anglers of all stripes, whether you’re regularly grabbing the leader and lining in heavyweights like wahoo, tuna and billfish, or tying on lures and hooks for bass, redfish or mountain trout. […]

Odin Lures’ Frigg Plug

Odin Lures’ Frigg Plug

Any time an angler can offer up a lure that appeals to a fish’s senses of sight and sound, he’s making it hard on the fish to resist. The Odin Lures’ Frigg Plug does that with its prominent profile, water-splashing cupped face, and interior rattle chamber and then takes things a step further by allowing anglers to add their patented Fish Smack liquid scent attractant to the lure’s hollow, hard-plastic body. […]