Avan Griffin wins November Bag A Buck Contest

Avan Griffin is the monthly winner of the CarolinaSportsman.com Bag-A-Buck Contest for November.

10-year-old’s story goes beyond hunting

Avan Griffin’s dream has always been to kill his first deer while hunting with his mom. And that’s exactly what happened this past Thanksgiving Day in Randolph County, NC. And to make things even better, his entry won the November Bag a Buck contest.

Two does showed up early, stuck around for a while, and then left. Not long after, a buck showed up, and the young hunter was ready.

The buck was taking its time working around the corn, and Avan patiently waited.

“It seemed like an eternity before the buck finally turned broadside. As Avan slowly clicked the safety off, the buck quickly lifted his head, and I thought his chance was over,” said Susan Griffin, Avan’s mom.

Finally, the buck moved into perfect position for the young hunter to get a shot. He pulled the trigger, and the buck dropped.

The exciting moment got even better when they took the deer to Josh Dunn Deer Processing in Seagrove. There, other hunters offered congratulations, and much more, to Avan.

“It made Avan feel like he was on top of the world. I was nervous about coming up with the  money for the deer to be mounted, but I knew I had to make it happen,” said Susan Griffin.

With just enough money in her wallet to make a taxidermy deposit, she was thrilled to get  a phone call later that day.

“The processor called, telling me that different folks had come by and donated money for our deer’s processing and taxidermy. It had been paid in full!” she said.

Avan wins a 1-year subscription to Carolina Sportsman Magazine, a Yeti Rambler bottle, and a Mag Lite flashlight. See all the entrants at carolinasportsman.com/bag-a-buck-gallery.

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