food plots

Do we really need food plots?

Wildlife need a combination of food, water and cover to fulfill their life needs and to thrive in the natural world. In an ideal setting, Mother Nature provides the essential components to provide adequate food, cover, and water.  […]


Some implements are necessities

Rural properties contain roads, fields, ditches and all kinds of other features that become weathered over time and need attention. And hunters can’t always maintain shooting lanes, food plots, and trails with hand tools. […]


Good Soil, Good Toil

Soil Tests Can Point To Needed Chemical Applications Every hunter that has time and money invested in a food-plot program wants to see results in more ways than one. As fall arrives, hunters would love […]

A great food plot of clover or another wildlife food crop needs to be located with the utmost care.

Plotting to plant a plot

Location is the most important aspect of a food plot, but probably not for the reasons most landowners believe. Your location has to have the proper soil to make it worth the time, effor, and money. […]

Timing the maturation and flooding of crops for waterfowl impoundments can have a huge impact on hunting success.

Impoundment timing is key

Planting for wildlife involves many critical steps, but none is more critical than the timing of planting crops for waterfowl, especially for hunters without extremely large areas. […]