Greener Pastures

Fence out those hogs

Deer and deer hunters have more competition these days from pesky, nuisance wildlife species such as feral hogs and coyotes, which have invaded natural habitats and are making their mark. […]


What type of gun do you hunt hogs with?

What type of gun do you use when hunting wild hogs? Most hunters would agree that there really is no wrong answer to this question, and plenty probably kill hogs with a number of different guns, although some deer hunters like to stick with their deer rifles just to stay in tune with it year-round. […]


Would you shoot a wild hog with an airgun?

Would you shoot a coyote with an airgun? How about a wild hog? Better yet, could you kill them with an airgun? Wouldn’t it be nice to have the ability to shoot these animals without the loud blast of a rifle or shotgun, which scares away other would-be victims to your marksmanship? […]