Feral swine trap program available in 5 NC counties

The trap loan program is aimed at helping landowners get rid of as many wild hogs as possible.

Borrow a hog trap for free from NCWRC

The NCWRC, in conjunction with the N.C. Dept. of Agriculture and Consumer Services, is helping landowners remove invasive pigs from their land. This is part of a nationwide effort, loaning swine traps through August 2023.

The program is currently available in five N.C. counties – Anson, Davie, Haywood, Montgomery and Randolph.

Qualifying landowners can borrow the high-tech traps for up to one month. Each trap includes a remote trigger system, allowing operators to monitor them on their smartphones in real time, closing the gate once the entire group of pigs is inside.

Landowners incur no cost for the traps, but must bait and monitor them, and dispose of all pigs captured according to law, which prohibits releasing or transporting feral swine alive.

According to NCWRC, feral swine can be found throughout North Carolina in isolated areas. These nuisance animals cause widespread damage to crops and other wildlife. They are prolific breeders, and hunting has very little impact on their populations.

To apply for the trap loan program, visit ncferalswine.org.

Open season

It is legal to hunt wild hogs on private land year-round throughout North Carolina, and it’s even legal to hunt them on private land at night with lights and electronic calls, and to trap them.

Game lands also allow hunting feral swine. A permit is required.

No bag limits exist on wild hogs, but anyone hunting them must have a valid hunting license, unless otherwise exempt from having a license pursuant to G.S. 113-276.

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