Upstate hunter kills 300+ pound wild hog


Wild hog hunting is legal in all South Carolina counties

Holden North came to South Carolina’s upstate region looking to kill a big hog, and he found just what he was looking for. North killed a 300+ pound beast while hunting with Cody Strickland of Upstate Hog Outfitter in Hodges.

“He laid down the 300+ pound hog with my 6.5 Grendel, shooting 110-grain Lehigh Defense ammo at 152 yards,” said Strickland.

This was the 75th swine taken by Strickland’s clients so far this year.

Wild hogs are always in season in all 46 of South Carolina’s counties. The invasive animals do a lot of damage to native plant species, and they misplace native game animals. They also carry swine brucellosis, a disease that causes flu-like symptoms in humans.

Palmetto State hunters can pursue these animals by any legal hunting method. The use of electronic calls and baiting for hogs is allowed on private property. Hunters can even legally hunt them at night on private land that is registered with SCDNR.

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