Black Widow Lures turns 25

Black Widow Lures is a family-owned business that’s been making wildlife scents for 25 years.

Family-owned lure company makes lures for all hunters

Black Widow Lures, the first company to market fresh hunting attractants on a national scale, is turning 25-years-old. That’s quite a feat in the outdoor industry, especially for a family-owned business.

But Black Widow has lures that go beyond natural deer attractants. They sell some of the best synthetic deer scents on the market. So they have great options for hunters in South Carolina, (and now in some parts of North Carolina) where natural deer scent lures are currently banned.

And of course, for states that don’t restrict the use of natural deer urine, Black Widow has numerous offerings. That goes for hunters no matter what region of the country you’re hunting. They collect it fresh, seal it in bottles, then ship their products out. At the end of hunting season, they take back the leftover scent from their dealers and destroy it. That’s how they ensure every bottle of Black Widow scent is the freshest on the market.

Black Widow offers many options

Their Interdigital Gland Snap Caps are made up of gland secretions that come from between the toes on a deer. They give off a strong, musky odor, attracting deer to investigate.

Hang the company’s Scrape Rope in a tree located along a scrape line, saturate it with the natural or synthetic lure of your choice, and watch how effective this is in keeping deer coming back.

Black Widow’s Ultimate Rut Package contains numerous scents, wicks, sticks and scrape beads. As the name implies, it’s best to use these products during the rut. Black Widow offers this for both Southern and Northern whitetails.

Widow Maker Scent Sticks are among the most versatile scent dispensers on the market. Load the reservoir with your favorite scent on a wick, then hang it from a tree branch or insert it into the ground. The product’s design allows you to adjust how much of the wick is exposed. It comes in a three-pack, and all three are different colors, allowing you to use them as yardage markers. They’re also reflective, making them easy to see in the dark.

Cover scents like these are among the company’s many offerings.

The Widow Maker Scent Drag helps bring deer right to you. With a drag rag dispensing your deer lure of choice as you walk to your stand, you’ll be laying down an attractant that deer can’t resist.

Have you tried their Scrape Beads?

The company’s Hot-N-Ready Scrape Beads are infused with 2 ounces of doe estrus. Placed along scrape lines, the beads slowly release their scent over time, but that’s not all they do. They also absorb the urine of other deer who visit the scrape. This keeps a constant supply of scent releasing into the area.

For hog hunters, Black Widow’s Hog Balls are scent-infused beads, made with sow estrus. These attract wild hogs and keep them coming back for more. Bear hunters will love their Glazed Donut Beads — and so will bears.

Heading out of town to hunt elk or moose? Black Widow has you covered there too.

And for hunters simply wanting to mask their own scent, Black Widow has a full lineup, from Persimmon to Apple to Earth.

As the company stated earier this year, they’ve provided “25 years of uninterrupted supply, 25 years of pride in our business. We are the last of the true family owned businesses in our industry and look forward to the next 25 years of Black Widow Deer Lures providing you with what you need to be successful!”

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