Cooking on the Wild Side

Bombs away for venison

We’ve made it back to fall again and into October, one of my favorite times of the year. The days have cooled enough to hunt without drowning in your own sweat, but they are still warm enough that short-sleeve shirts are fine by  late morning. […]

Cooking on the Wild Side

Grouper throats a la chicharrones recipe

Hopefully, the name of this recipe got your attention and made you read this. It’s a nice diversion after a hot August day and creates a tasty way to prepare a part of grouper many people don’t consider — heck, some don’t even know it exists or is edible. However, those that know consider it a delicacy. You can prepare it as an appetizer or save grouper throats and prepare them as a meal.  


Cooking on the Wild Side

Try chipotle trout tacos

2014 was a harsh, cold winter that threatened speckled trout with a couple of hard freezes, but the trout held on and have rebounded, with the spring producing some impressive catches. […]

Cooking on the Wild Side

Naan vension casserole

If you haven’t noticed, this winter has been different than the past few. We’ve had a couple of cold snaps, but for the most part, most days have been rather mild. […]

Cooking on the Wild Side

Soup + stew = Stoup

I don’t know about for everyone else, but last year flew by for me. It seems like it was only a few weeks ago I was hoping winter would break and the temperatures would rise. […]