Quail and rice recipe

This quail dish is a treat for bird hunters, even if they didn’t have much luck in the field. The rice will carry this stretch this meal so everyone gets their fill. […]

Cooking on the Wild Side

Basic venison summer sausage

Fall is a special time for sportsmen in the Carolinas, and it has managed to shine through all the weather we’ve had this year, including two hurricanes. Fish are biting, and most hunting seasons are open. There were repairs this year that had to be placed in front of the honey-do list, but occasionally sportsmen need a break — even in the worst of times — and the fish and game cooperated. 


Cooking on the Wild Side

Get cheeky with mojo grouper

The odd weather that has been prevalent in the Carolinas this year has continued into the fall. After rain and heat through the summer, Hurricane Florence backed into the east coast and wreaked havoc from Cedar Island, N.C. to Cape Romain, S.C. […]