Mad Macks

Even after sleeping an extra hour and leaving the dock at 8 a.m. rather than 7, the morning air still had a cool nip, one of the first signs of fall’s arrival. […]

Bass Fishing

Bronzebacks Fit to a ‘T’

More than 100 years ago, in his classic “Book of the Black Bass,” Doc Henshall annointed the smallmouth bass as “inch for inch and pound for pound, the gamest fish that swims.” […]


Getting another visit from ‘Aunt Ethylnol’

What in the world are they thinking? While we, the consumers — and the mechanics who have to keep our marine engines running — still haven’t figured out good ways to deal with the side effects of adding ethanol up to 10 percent into our fuels, the EPA and some legislators are considering upping the allowable level to 15 percent. […]

Greener Pastures

Preparation is fall food-plot key

Even though a few game zones in South Carolina are already open for early-season velvet hunts, the remaining deer hunters in the Carolinas are anxiously awaiting Opening Day while plowing and planning out the last details of their fall food plots. […]