Cold doesn’t mean stop

The approach of winter actually signals some good trout fishing Die‑hard trout fishers don’t pay attention to the calendar or the weather, because trout can be pursued and caught any time of year and in […]

Outdoor Update

Social security striped bass?

I remember, years ago, talking to Scott Van Horn, a crackerjack fisheries biologist with the N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission, about a crappie study being done on B. Everett Jordan Lake. […]

Bass Fishing

Paddle up fall bass

Tips for getting the most out of your November outings Something about falling leaves and bass fishing just naturally goes hand-in-hand. It’s a great time to pick up a baitcasting rod armed with just about […]

Bass Fishing

November: Mini mop jig time

A smaller jig allows you to cast, cover more water, catch more bass For most of my career as a pro bass fisherman, spring fishing was certainly my favorite. Now that I’ve gotten a little […]


Gather at the river

Brackish, coastal rivers can be havens for redfish, other mixed species Tidal rivers are some of the most underfished areas across the Carolinas when it comes to targeting redfish — at least their upper reaches. […]