WNC lakes have some odd fish

Western North Carolina lakes contain a veritable smorgasbord of gamefish, some common to lakes around the state, some found only in high-mountain lakes, and a few that are specific to only a couple of mountain lakes. […]

Fishing Tournaments

Catawba angler makes Classic

Six anglers, including Brent Long of Catawba, realized their dream by qualifying for the 2007 Bassmaster Classic through the Jan. 17-19 Bass Federation Nation Championship at Alabama’s Lake Neely Henry. […]


Poor Man’s Perch

I pressed the record button on my micro-cassette recorder so Charlie Johnson of Flat Bottom Guide Service could tell me about poor man’s trolling when we were interrupted by the cry, “Grab the rod behind you,” followed by another outburst: “There’s another one on the middle rod!” […]