The hunt for reds in October

Fall weather changes the behavior of many saltwater fish, as cooling waters trigger an urge to leave the safety of creeks, marshes and sounds. Baitfish swim through coastal inlets and turn right when they hit the ocean, an annual procession that may begin in September but hits its peak during October. […]


500-yard shot downs 600+ pound bear in Pamlico County, N.C.

Jeff Murphy of Madison, N.C. isn’t new to bear hunting — he’s killed nine bears in the past 15 or so years — but the one he killed on Nov. 13 was one unlike any he’s ever seen. Even from 500 yards away, which is the distance the bear was when Murphy shot it, he could tell it was abnormally large. […]

Offshore Fishing

Changes may be coming in the snapper/grouper fishery

Dr. Michelle Duval of the N.C. Division of Marine Fisheries, chair of the South Atlantic Fishery Management Council, anticipates a few changes to how the snapper/grouper fishery is managed after fishermen brought up some issues during the SAFMC’s Visioning Project last year. […]