Deer Hunting

Hoyt takes a big step

Hoyt Archery’s 2018 flagship hunting bows are the most innovative to come from the Salt Lake City-based manufacturer in many years. Hoyt has redesigned their bows from the ground up, giving them a much-needed overhaul and adding a lot of new technology. […]

Freshwater Fishing

Cool weather=hot fishing

The cooler weather of December does little to slow the fishing activity on the Santee Cooper lakes. Catfish, crappie, stripers and largemouth bass will be biting. Successful patterns certainly change, but in some cases, the fish-catching perks up, especially if anglers retreat to deeper water. […]


Alternative weapons for squirrels

Air guns have been gaining popularity in recent years, and with the advent of sporting air rifles, more hunters are hunting squirrels with air rifles. At limited ranges, with good head shots, these rifles can be a great challenge.  […]


Long-line decoy rigs save time, effort

Using a “long-line” rig for setting up a decoy spread speeds up the process compared to setting out single decoys with their own lines and anchor. While some hunters rig their long-lines with swivel clips and add a decoy to each clip as they feed line out over the side of the boat, guide Jennings Rose pre-rigs his decoys to the long-lines by using a monofilament loop crimped in place to the decoy keel’s tying eyehole and through a wire commercial fishing harness loop. […]

Deer Hunting

Find bucks’ December hideaways

As winter approaches, the places deer frequently used earlier in the season are rarely hot spots. They were concentrated on peanut and soybean fields in September and acorn-rich oak flats during October and November, deer always move to different places as the seasons and local food sources change. […]


Go with a grub

Butch Foster of Yeah Right Charters said his go-to lure in the Cape Fear River and the creeks off the ICW near Southport is a Haw River curlytail grub in smoke/silver metal flake on a jighead. […]