Tie a double uni-knot

Joel Munday said stringers of crappie like this one aren’t unusual on Shearon Harris Lake, even in December.

The advantages of the double uni-knot for connecting leaders to main lines are:

• It’s easy to tie;

• It slips through small line guides without catching;

• It works well with monofilament and braided lines or a combination of the two;

• It eliminates the need for a swivel.

To tie a double uni-knot, follow these instructions:

1. Overlap the ends of lines to be joined. Take the end of the line from the left and double back. Make three to four wraps around both lines and through loop that was formed. Pull tag end to tighten. When tying mono to braided line, make five turns with the mono and eight turns with the braid.

2. Repeat with the end of the line on the left making the same number of wraps unless tying with braided line in which you should double the number of wraps.

3. You now should have two separate uni-knots. Pull the standing lines in opposite direction to slide the two knots together.

4. Clip tag ends near the knot.

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