Bass Fishing

Mister Twister Poc’it Hawg Raiser

A Texas bass angler’s bid to get back to the Bassmaster Classic depended heavily on a soft-plastic creature bait that few, if any, others had in their arsenal when they fished the B.A.S.S. Nation Championship on Nov. 6-8 on the Ouachita River. […]

Bass Fishing

Be a weather watcher

There are a lot of good reasons to fish in December, chief among them, most everybody else is deer hunting, and you’ve pretty much got the lake to yourself. […]


Electronics serving in times of need

Search and recovery divers were pretty much on their own back in the early 1980’s; I know because I was one of them. I spent 10 years on the Dallas Fire Department’s dive team and worked from the department’s drag boats before the dive team came to be. […]


SCDNR draw hunts are top-drawer

It won’t do you any good this year, since the drawing has already taken place, but every avid or wannabee waterfowl hunter should apply for one of the SCDNR-sponsored duck hunts on several WMAs. […]

Deer Hunting

Big bucks hide out on swampy islands to survive

In order for deer to survive the season, they must learn how to hide from the deer-hunting battalions of the Carolinas. In areas where ponds, lakes, swamps and beaver ponds exist, the deer population increases with the level of hunting pressure. And associated with almost every water course are dry-land hills or islands that begin to collect pressured bucks towards the end of the season.