Other Hunting

Turning kids into coon hunters

Rev. Wade Hall Jr., pastor of the Elizabethtown Church of God, hunts raccoons at least three nights a week to keep his dogs in top form for competition, and he often takes young people along.  […]

Deer Hunting

Read the weather

From the beginning of deer season until its Jan. 1 close, the weather will vary from scorching, 90-degree days to bone chilling-winter mornings with frozen precipitation all over. […]


SCDNR draw hunts are top-drawer

It won’t do you any good this year, since the drawing has already taken place, but every avid or wannabee waterfowl hunter should apply for one of the SCDNR-sponsored duck hunts on several WMAs. […]

Deer Hunting

Big bucks hide out on swampy islands to survive

In order for deer to survive the season, they must learn how to hide from the deer-hunting battalions of the Carolinas. In areas where ponds, lakes, swamps and beaver ponds exist, the deer population increases with the level of hunting pressure. And associated with almost every water course are dry-land hills or islands that begin to collect pressured bucks towards the end of the season.