Big Lake’s Breaker Box

Big Lake’s Breaker Box

Hugh McLaurin of Big Lake Outdoor Products has been making game calls out of a variety of woods for years, and he knows that dymond wood, a laminate that isn’t easy to come by, is one of the hardest, most-dense woods around, often used in the handles of custom knives.

He’d been making barrels for duck calls and strikers for turkey pot calls out of dymond wood, and one day about a year ago, he decided, maybe if dymond wood made a good striker, it would make an even better box call.

And that’s how Big Lake’s Breaker Box came into being. Big Lake is debuting the Breaker Box this spring on its website, with the price expected to be in the neighborhood of $60.

The Breaker Box can turn out some wonderful, raspy yelps and clucks, and depending on your mood and which side of the box you strike with the paddle, it can produce loud, aggressive calls or soft, plaintive yelps.

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