ElimiShield scent-control products

ElimiShield scent-control products

Here’s the equation deer hunters need to know. Any kind of physical exertion can lead to bacteria on the skin. Bacteria leads to body odor. Body odor leads to deer turning up their noses at areas where stinky hunters are set up in stands.

Plenty of companies make products intended to mask a deer hunter’s scent, and a few have attacked the bacteria question, but perhaps none has a better background in killing bacteria then Bryson Industries.

The people at Bryson have entered the outdoors industry with four products that allow hunters to “scrub up” and eliminate the cause of that human odor that wafts through the trees and throws deer into a tizzy. Their ElimiShield line includes a laundry detergent, a hair and body wash, a scent-eliminating spray for clothing that lasts for two weeks, and a foam product hunters can apply to their skin when they get out of their trucks to head into the woods.

More Info: www.elimishieldhunt.com

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