The five P’s of shooting practice

The author crossed off every item on his checklist and came away with this nice South Carolina archery buck.

Ralph Cianciarulo developed a saying when teaching people proper shooting techniques: “Proper Practice Promotes Perfect Placement.”

The five P’s of practice make shot placement perfect, and when hunting live animals, there is no excuse for bad shot placement.

“When I practice, I want everything to be exactly like I am hunting,” he said. “I try and replicate the situation as best I can.

“Too many people go out and sling arrows and have no idea what they may be doing wrong or right. They just go out and shoot.”

Cianciarulo stresses that before the season, hunters should consider the responsibility they have in releasing an arrow and do everything to ensure that the arrow will hit exactly where they want.

Cianciarulo is a strong proponent for life-sized targets.

“Shooting bags is good, but it really does not help with judging animal anatomy and where the arrow will go once it hits the animal,” he said, encouraging hunters to get life-sized, 3D targets for practice and to concentrate on proper shot placement. “I tell people to aim through the animal. Shoot for the opposite shoulder. If you do that, you will hit the vitals every time.”

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Pete Rogers of Taylors, S.C., is employed with the USDA Wildlife Services and has been a sporting writer and photographer for over a decade. He has a real passion for trapping and enjoys sharing his outdoors experiences with his wife and five children.

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