Deadline approaching for 2021 S.C. deer hunt lottery


Deer hunt lottery deadline is Aug. 15

Numerous deer hunts are available to hunters in South Carolina in the SCDNR’s 2021 lottery system. The agency is accepting applications through Aug. 15 at 5 p.m. Some of the hunts have antler restrictions, while others have no restrictions.

Hunting opportunities on Bear Island, Donnelley, and Bonneau Ferry WMAs have no antler restrictions. Hunters may shoot any legal deer on these hunts.

Antler restrictions do apply on Belfast WMA, Botany Bay WMA, Hamilton Ridge WMA, Palachoucola WMA, and Wateree River Heritage Preserve.

The Webb Gun Lottery was canceled during the 2020 season due to COVID-19. But it is available for 2021. Hunters must adhere to COVID protocols that SCDNR may have in place. Hunters selected for the Webb lottery will be lodging and eating in the same room with other hunters that they may not know. For hunters that are uncomfortable with this arrangement, they may select the non-draw option when they apply, allowing them to purchase a preference point toward future hunts.

Apply for your preferred lottery hunt at

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