2023 Dixie Deer Classic winners

Karen Nielsen wins Best in Show at 2023 Dixie Deer Classic

The 2023 Dixie Deer Classic presented their annual awards on March 5 at the NC State Fairgrounds. Eighteen North Carolina hunters won awards, with 17 going to deer hunters. One bear hunter also won an award.

Female Award Winners

Karen Nielsen took the Muzzleloader Typical Female Award with her Alamance County buck that netted 170 4/8 inches. She also won the Best in Show award.

Dixie Deer Classic
Karen Nielsen’s 170 4/8-inch Alamance County buck won the Best in Show and Muzzleloader Typical Female awards.

Laura Tucker took an award home from the Dixie Deer Classic for the third year in a row. Her Warren County buck scored 134 4/8 inches. She won the Gun Typical Female Award.

Dixie Deer Classic
Laura Tucker won the Gun Typical Female Award, marking the third time she’s won an award at the Dixie Deer Classic.

Kayla Pendergraft won the Crossbow Typical Female Award with her Orange County buck that scored 137 3/8 inches.

Dixie Deer Classic
Kayla Pendergraft’s award-winning buck came out of Orange County.

In her first year bowhunting, Brianna Henderson got her first bow kill, and her first buck. And it was a whopper. Her Person County deer scored 137 0/8 and helped her win the Bow Typical Female Award. Her buck also makes the Pope & Young list.

Dixie Deer Classic
Brianna Henderson made the Pope & Young list with her Person County buck, and won the Bow Typical Female award at the Dixie Deer Classic.

Elleigh Grindstaff, in her first year hunting with a crossbow, won the Crossbow Typical Female Youth Award. Her Avery County buck scored 139 7/8 inches.

In her first year hunting with a crossbow, Elleigh Grindstaff killed this Dixie Deer Classic award-winning buck.

Male Award Winners

Mickey Wilson won the Bow Male Nontypical Award with his Orange County buck that scored 170 5/8 inches. He also won the President’s Award.

Dixie Deer Classic
Winning the Bow Nontypical Male Award as well as the President’s Award, Mickey Wilson’s Orange County buck scored 170 5/8.

Alan Mashburn won the Gun Typical Male Award with his Lee County buck that scored 162 7/8.

Alan Mashburn killed his buck in Lee County.

Preston Allred took the Gun Nontypical Male Award for his Caswell County buck, dubbed by locals as the “Milesville Monster,” that taped out at an impressive 185 4/8.

Preston Allred’s Caswell County buck netted 185 4/8 inches.

Lance Hamby’s Stokes County buck, which scored 151 2/8 inches, helped him win the Muzzleloader Typical Male Award.

Lance Hamby took the Muzzleloader Typical Male Award with his Stokes County brute.

The Bow Typical Male Award went to Joe Willard. His Rockingham County buck scored 152 4/8.

Joe Willard killed this award-winning buck in Rockingham County.

Easton Rimmer won the Male Youth President’s Award with his Orange County buck that scored 132 1/8.

Easton Rimmer won the Youth Male President’s Award for his Orange County buck.

The Gun Typical Youth Male Award went to Brock Cable. His Guilford County buck scored 145 6/8.

Brock Cable killed his award-winning buck in Guilford County.

Austin Mangum won the Crossbow Typical Youth Male Award. His Granville County buck scored 146 0/8.

Austin Mangum killed this buck in Granville County.

Gunnar Edmisten doubled up on awards, winning the Crossbow Typical Male Youth Award, as well as the President’s Award for his Durham County buck that scored 130 2/8.

Gunnar Edmisten shows off his award-winning buck from Durham County.

Dan Glosson’s Person County buck, which scored 152 0/8, took honors for the Crossbow Typical Male award.

Dan Glosson won the Crossbow Typical Male Award with his Person County buck.

The Muzzleloader Typical Male Youth Award was won by Brett Jenkins. His Ashe County buck scored 138 1/8 inches.

Dixie Deer Classic
Brett Jenkins’s buck scored 138 1/8 and was killed in Ashe County.

Travis Brewer won the Non-hunting Award, which is given to a hunter who finds a set of antlers from a deceased animal. The Guilford County buck scored 191 1/8 inches.

Bear Awards

One bear award was given at this year’s Dixie Deer Classic. Kalyn Cherryholmes won the NC Bear Female Award with her Jones County bear that scored 20 13/16 inches.

Kalyn Cherryholmes’ Jones County bear measured 20 13/16. She won the lone bear award at the 2023 Dixie Deer Classic.

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