Coyotes are breeding, making this a great time to hunt

Calling coyotes is very effective right now

It’s peak breeding season for coyotes in the Carolinas, making this a great time to hunt these predators. It began in January and will last into March in most areas. And just as the smartest deer make big mistakes during the rut, so too do the wiliest of coyotes.

Since the female coyotes are ready to breed, it’s fairly easy to lure male ‘yotes into range. Electronic calls are legal in both states, and these are highly effective this time of year. Almost any type of call will work right now. Whines, whimpers, estrus chirps, and breeding sounds played at a low volume will get the attention you’re looking for.

This time of year, I stay on one stand for longer than I do any other time of year. The males are willing to travel much longer distances right now. So even though staying on the move is a good idea throughout most of the year, during breeding season, you want to sit tight and let them come to you.

Stay patient and let the coyotes come to you

It’s important to set up in areas that offer you views from different anglers and long distances. These animals will move in from all directions. Don’t look in only the directions you’re hearing calls from. Stay alert and you’ll see coyotes coming in silently at times.

Patience is key right now. Often during other seasons, if I see a coyote a long ways off, I will work towards them. But during breeding season, the smart move is to let them come to you. Just call to them to let you know you’re there. They can’t resist coming in to investigate this time of year.

When calling, be ready to hear plenty of challenges. And match the tone of those challenges as you call back. One great sequence is to answer barks with barks, then throw in a breeding sound. That is often enough to break a coyote from its location. Be patient. Some of these vocal challenges can last for quite some time before that coyote finally commits. This will lead to some of the greatest coyote encounters you’ll ever have.


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