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Chum Buddy

The Chum Buddy

Kayakers often overlook the possibility of using a chum slick to draw large pelagic fish like sharks, tarpon and cobia to their baits. Frequently, chum bags are tied off to the boat, but the real concern exists of tying a chum bag directly to the kayak, as large sharks are known to come straight to the chum’s source.

Chumming is a successful method of attracting fish from distances, helping to increase your fishing success. Plenty of fishermen use more than one Chum Buddy to boost the scope of their chum slick, magnetizing nearby fish.

With the Chum Buddy, kayakers can enhance their fishing experience while getting efficient use out of their chumming bait. The Chum Buddy will produce an effective slick. It allows for the perfect amount of chum to be released into the current.

The Chum Buddy allows you to put fresh, frozen or live bait inside the self-contained tube. As you chop your bait, the Chum Buddy keeps the mess of blood and guts outside your boat. The Chum Buddy system creates an instant slick that will attract a variety of fish.

Clean-up is also easy with The Chum Buddy. Simply empty any remaining chum from the tube, drain it and store it in your bait tank until you reach your next spot. The Chum Buddy’s internal unique blade system can help reduce the risk of an injury by keeping everyone on board safe, including the captain, crew and your family.

MSRP is $59.99 at Bass Pro and Academy. More info at

Polyform Poly Ball

When anchoring a kayak in strong current, such as around inlets, sandbars or in strong tides, it’s best to have a floating intermediary device between your plastic boat and anchor. This allows the tension to pull horizontally against the boat rather than vertically, a serious situation in heavy current that could lead to the boat capsizing. Tethering to this intermediary device also allows you to quickly slip your anchor without losing your spot.

The A Series Poly Ball from Polyform is an all-purpose buoy great for use as a dock bumper, anchor-release float, harpoon rigging and others. These commercial-style, super durable and strong poly balls with the signature “blue rope-hold” have proven themselves in the most-adverse conditions.

Poly Balls feature even wall thickness for maximum strength and durability. Polyform’s unique vinyl-valve system is simple to fill. This product is made in the USA by Polyform US LTD.

The ball comes in only one color — high-visibility red — which makes it easier to find when returning to your anchor spot as well as making it easier for passing boaters to see in open waters.

The A Series Poly Ball  is available in two sizes: A1 & A2. See the chart for specifications.

A-1                A-2

Size            11×15”      14.5×19.5”

Circumference 34.6”           45.6”

Volume         3.5 gallon    8.2 gallon

Eye Diameter   1”              1.125”

MSRP is $39.99. More info at

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