Hazel Creek

Hazel Creek: A trout treasure

No roads lead to one of the most-celebrated trout streams in the East. Isolated, remote, accessible only by boat or foot, Hazel Creek lives up to its reputation as a trout-fishing Mecca. It’s all that everyone says it is, and more. […]


Summer, shallows are not exclusive

Bobby Winters is a 23-year-old catfish and striper guide on the Santee Cooper lakes who has a youthful passion for catching fish. We were fishing on a hot, summer day, and he’d targeted an area with undulating bottom contours for drift-fishing. We had been drifting only a short while when one of his nine rods bowed over.



Heave heavy metal for harder hits

If angler Russ Luhm spots Spanish mackerel schooling at the surface or sees them on his depthfinder as he works a school with deep-diving lures, he’ll fling a Stingsilver or other heavy metal spoon at them.  […]


Make crappie do a double-take

According to guide Eddie Moody, a difference in depth of a few inches can have a big impact in crappie fishing, and giving the fish something they’re not used to seeing can be the difference in getting bit or not. […]

Bass Fishing

Shadow hunting

The summer heat affects fishing immensely, and not only the fisherman. Fish suffer during periods of temperature extremes, and since they are cold-blooded, they must seek out places with cooler water to thrive.  […]

Deer Hunting

Five best handguns for whitetails

Selecting the right handgun for hunting whitetail deer can be daunting, in part because there are so many excellent options. This list of five only scratches the surface, but these are some of the finest handguns available for whitetail hunters. […]

Bass Fishing

Go big with soft plastics

Topwater fishing can be one of the most fun and easiest ways to catch bass over the summer, but the surface bite will surely short-stop an angler’s time on the water. To keep fish coming into the boat, you need to trade in topwater techniques for a slower strategy: shooting soft plastics into deeper water. […]

Bass Fishing

Striper stocking at Lake Wateree

The S.C. Department of Natural Resources has stocked stripers in Lake Wateree since the 1980s, and fisheries biologist Robert Stroud has worked the lake since striper stockings began. Stroud said the goal of the striper program was to create a solid, renewable striper fishery. […]

Deer Hunting

In-season mowing? Yes!

Deer are suckers for lush food plots, especially oats and clovers, but these choice forages don’t grow well without a little tender-loving-care on into the season. Few food-plot varieties can be labeled as plant-it-and-forget-it seeds. Stands of oats and clover can be strategically mowed to reduce competition and encourage vigorous growth.  […]