Power Pole Micro Anchor System

Power Pole’s Micro anchor is quiet, dependable and helps you secure your position in big-bass territory.

When you’re getting up close and personal on the water, there’s nothing better to have on your kayak than the Power-Pole Micro. This little anchor system offers big stopping power with a silent and secure hold.

The Power Pro Micro System features a lightweight, compact design with virtually silent operation. Accessories include an adjustable mounting bracket, 2-button key fob remote, and an advanced dash switch.

The Power-Pole Micro Anchor is capable of holding john boats and small skiffs up to 1,500 pounds. The Micro driver unit is easily removable making storage or transfer to other vessels simple.

Additional mounting options, other than the adjustable mounting bracket are available. The system includes a 15-foot power cable for a 12-volt battery, or if no on-board battery is available, add the Micro Battery Pak & Charger.

The Micro driver unit accommodates any 3/4-inch spike. The 8-foot-6 Micro Spike can remain in place or be removed from the driver unit when moving between locations.

Installation is a breeze for this quiet, compact system. MSRP is $595. More information at power-pole.com.

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