April’s best fishing bets

North Carolina

What – Largemouth bass

Where –  Shearon Harris Lake

How – Bass should be spawning around the first of April, especially with the full moon on March 31. Kayakers have two bets for catching spawning fish. The first is to find areas so densely choked with brush or cut off from the main lake so that anglers in power boats can’t reach them. The second is to fish the same backs of creeks and pockets that everyone else will be fishing, trying to pick fish off the beds. Take your pick of creature soft plastics, paired with jigs or jigheads to bounce around on the bottom.

Launch – Shearon Harris Lake (unimproved access) off New Hill Holleman Rd., Holleman’s Crossing, and Cross Point Landing are the standard launch sites

Insider Tip – Work deeper areas when targeting spawners. Larger bass will spawn deeper, and any submerged timber in less than 10 feet of water is a good bed.

South Carolina

What – Largemouth bass

Where – Lake Moultrie, The Hatchery

How – The Hatchery area of Lake Moultrie is a kayak angler’s dream. Lots of acreage to get away from the crowds of power boats, and plenty of big fish will be hiding around the cypress knees and stumps and under grass mats.

Launch – Hatchery Boat Landing off SC 6, South of Cross, S.C., in the Chicora Community.

Insider Tip – Stand up and use a push pole like the kayak version of a SuperStick and pole into the grass and reeds rather than paddle. Have a couple of flipping rods ready in vertical rod holders within reach for sight-fishing.

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