8-year-old Kate Morton bags a turkey with a crossbow!


Youth hunter dropped the turkey on the spot

I took my 8-year-old daughter (Kate Morton) out on youth day this past Saturday, March 26 in Rock Hill, S.C. and she scored with a crossbow! We had been hunting all morning and we hadn’t seen or heard a turkey. Around 10 a.m., I could tell she was getting a little bored and I decided we would call it a morning.

We both got out of the blind and I walked over to get me decoy when I saw what looked like two turkeys standing about 200 yards down the sewer line. I quickly told her to get back in the blind there were some turkeys possibly coming our way. We got back in and I made a few calls.

Within minutes a hen started clucking behind us. She eventually came down beside our blind and out by my decoy. She milled around by the decoy for a few minutes and the turkeys I had seen got a glimpse of her and they came running in. When the first gobbler came into range my daughter was ready and I told her to use the top cross-hairs on the scope. She pulled the trigger and just missed low.

Lucky for us the turkey only flew across the opening to the side of the creek and stood there. The hen never left. She continued to walk around the decoy. This is where it gets chaotic in the blind. I had to lower the crossbow from the tripod, get it cocked, load another bolt and adjust the tripod in the blind so that she could get a clean shot since he had moved so far to our left. All the while I am also trying to film this.

Some how we got all of that done without three turkeys fleeing the area. As I was trying to get the camera back on the turkey I told her to use the second cross-hairs this time because the turkey was now at 30 yards. Before I could even get my camera on the turkey she shot and made a direct hit! The turkey didn’t move. She dropped him where he stood. This was an unbelievable moment and one that we will never forget. I couldn’t be more proud of her.

–Chas Morton

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