John White’s Bladen County Stud

John White

This deer first showed up on one of my cameras the last week of the 2020 deer season. During 2021 he was a showing up on camera just about every night, but I only got one daytime photo of him all season. Going into the 2022/23 season, I knew he was going to be my one and only target buck.

I had a lot of pictures of him during the summer and early season, but then he disappeared for a month and a half. I was beginning to think he was killed by another hunter, but he finally showed back up the second week of December.

His pattern still wasn’t predictable, but he daylighted three times in 2 weeks and I knew I had to get in there and hunt him. I had the week after Christmas off and hunted the cold snap. On the evening of Dec. 29, he finally slipped up and gave me a shot. My taxidermist green-scored him at 140 7/8 making him my biggest NC buck to date.

–John White

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