Islands of speckled trout

The Cape Fear River and its bays and tributaries typically hold speckled trout year-round. Unless there is an early cold snap that chills the water more than usual, the bite stays pretty aggressive into December, and the early forecast is for the weather to remain warm through Christmas. […]

Speckled Trout

Speckled trout bite hot around Ocean Isle area and below

The speckled trout bite is hot along the border, with good catches coming from areas in Little River on up to Ocean Isle Beach. The fish are very concentrated though, so while the specks are thick in some areas, they are no present at all – or at least not feeding – in others.



Fishing for speckled trout around Beaufort peaks in November, a real cause for thanksgiving

Speckled sea trout fed all summer on the plentiful prey, but they were hard to find because they don’t like hot weather and hide in deeper water during the day, foraging early and late. That changed in September, and by this month, some urgency has been added to their feeding patterns as winter approaches. They are schooled and feeding throughout the day. They move around as the tide changes, but if you find a school in November, you will likely have a banner day.



Trout on a fly

Yes, you can catch speckled trout on a fly rod, and when you get into a school, the action can be “a fish on every cast” frantic.


Featured Story

Big night bite!

Fishermen catch speckled trout throughout the day, but the majority are caught early in the morning and late in the afternoon. Often overlooked by many anglers is the night bite. Trout will feed throughout the night during the summer when conditions are right. […]