Grilled mackerel fajitas

Don’t like king mackerel? Try them in this tasty treat Not everyone appreciates the taste of king mackerel, but I can’t remember ever meeting anyone who didn’t enjoy catching them. Plus, they are one of […]


Teriyaki wahoo fingers recipe

April is a special time for sportsmen in the Carolinas. Spring arrived a few weeks ago, and Daylight Savings Time has been in effect since early March. The weather is warming, and there are plenty of things to do. […]


Basic venison summer sausage

Fall is a special time for sportsmen in the Carolinas, and it has managed to shine through all the weather we’ve had this year, including two hurricanes. Fish are biting, and most hunting seasons are open. There were repairs this year that had to be placed in front of the honey-do list, but occasionally sportsmen need a break — even in the worst of times — and the fish and game cooperated. 



Leftover turkey has life with this recipe

Regular readers of this column know there is always one turkey recipe each spring to go with the turkey season. Only once before have I added a second turkey recipe, but I’m going to do it again. It’s a turkey pie, cooked in a cast-iron pan, that can be cooked in the oven or taken outside to the grill in the warming May weather. It makes a lot, too, so there will be plenty for lunches for a few days. […]