Hog Hunting

A big-bore revolver hog hunt

I was sitting on an East Texas pipeline, cradling my 7 1/2-inch Ruger Super Redhawk in my lap, watching a pile of corn that had been scattered about the area and trampled with hundreds of hog tracks. […]

Freshwater Fishing

Dial up cold Santee cats

Cold weather certainly doesn’t end good fishing on the Santee Cooper lakes; it actually triggers some outstanding fishing for some species — and the blue catfish is right at the top of that list. […]

Inshore Fishing

Winter is time to paddle

The slight wind carried a definitive chill, and the marsh was laden with early morning fog as the sun began to peek over the horizon. Though he would welcome the warmth of the rising sun, Justin Carter’s thoughts were elsewhere. […]

Deer Hunting

Aging is key to managing

The end of another deer season is upon us, but unfinished business remains on the “to-do list” for groups and individuals aspiring towards quality deer management. […]