The short, fat paradox

At the turn of the millennium, 13 years ago, the biggest news in the rifle world was the proliferation of new cartridges based on the old African hunting round named the .404 Jeffrey. […]

Freshwater Fishing

Cold? So what, fish bite!

The shift to colder water temperatures and colder weather this month doesn’t put an end to fishing on Santee Cooper. For some species, the action is really heating up as the water temperature drops. […]

Freshwater Fishing

Not ‘Tuck-ed’ away

A multifaceted stream, the Tuckasegee River begins at the junction of Panthertown and Greenland creeks in southeastern Jackson County and flows northwest through Jackson into Swain County, where it eventually flows into Fontana Reservoir. […]


Wise sportsman’s gifts

Wow, it has been a year already, and it’s time for more gift ideas for those outdoor folks in your lives. Hopefully, you’ll find a few suggestions that will be helpful again. […]


Check (duck) legs for jewelry

The prime days of the duck season will arrive this month; more ducks are harvested in the next few weeks than any other part of the season, as hunters get serious and head to lakes, swamps, marshes, rivers and flooded impoundments filled with corn and millet. […]