Freshwater Fishing

Having and beating those ‘winter blues’

With winter upon us and cold weather as harsh and brittle as a dried twig, most outdoors-minded people are enjoying warm, cozy fireplaces, while the true fishermen are challenging the cold.

Putting on their cold-weather survival gear and attaching the enclosures around the cockpit of their boats, they continue doing what they do the best: catching catfish on the Santee Cooper lakes.


Events & Announcements

BoatU.S. honors Rep. Williams, Morehead City

Boat Owners Association of The United States honored N.C. Rep. Art Williams Dec. 8 with a Boating Access Award for his successful sponsorship of legislation, HB 2167, to revise a state law for trailer boaters that was preventing trailers wider than 8-feet, 6-inches from access to state roads during weekends, holidays and at night — all prime travel times.


Mystery Buck

During 2006’s deer season, the best non-typical buck taken by a North Carolina gun hunter was Tommy Ayers’ 172 3/8-inch monster from Stokes County — or so everyone thought at the 2007 Dixie Deer Classic. […]