It’s so hot in the Carolinas in August that plenty of fishermen stow their gear until the promise of fall arrives. That’s a big mistake. There are plenty of fish to be caught if you know how.

The sheepshead are biting, and heat won’t slow them down

Sheepshead are a little difficult to catch for many anglers, but they are one of the hottest-biting fish throughout the dog days of summer. […]

Mid-day is okay for Lake Monticello’s biggest blue catfish

Most people think of the hottest time of year as the dog days of summer, and it may also be the hottest time to snag a big catfish on South Carolina’s Lake Monticello, according to guide Chris Simpson of Greenwood. […]

Dog days can be for cats

August may be known as the dog days, but it’s actually a great time for cats, too, especially the big blues and flatheads of the Santee Cooper. Excellent largemouth and bream action on both lakes also provide opportunities if you know where and how to find them. […]

Hartwell heats up – August is not dog days, but striper days

Greet a sunrise on the lower end of Lake Hartwell this month armed with blueback herring and a good graph, and odds are, the hot fishing will rival the heat. […]

White heat – It’s a white hot bite off the Outer Banks

They used to be known as the dog days of summer, but from Oregon Inlet to Hatteras and Cape Lookout, offshore anglers have been spoiled by a white marlin bite between July and September that is only getting better each year.  […]

Dog Days = Bass Days?

The dog days of summer. Hot, lazy, sultry days. Many believe the term “dog days” developed because it’s so hot that all dogs do is laze around the yard and pant. […]

Dog-day Crappie

According to the old song, when it’s summertime, the living is easy. […]

Beat the ‘dog days’ at a pond

August is not a terribly fun month to fish. There’s a reason it’s called “dog days.” […]