Carolina Sportsman Xtra gives readers the opportunity to immerse themselves in one particular subject — topwater fishing, early season deer hunting, catching  crappie, speckled trout or largemouth bass — with a handful of articles that enables them to have plenty of tips, tactics and know-how at their fingertips. Xtra is a monthly feature of Carolina Sportsman that can be accessed by members online.

Winter Crappie Xtra

Don’t wait too late; crappie in the Carolinas won’t spawn until the spring, but there are plenty of fish ready to be caught in February and March.

Dog Days Fishing Xtra

It’s so hot in the Carolinas in August that plenty of fishermen stow their gear until the promise of fall arrives. That’s a big mistake. There are plenty of fish to be caught if you know how. […]

Wingshooting Xtra

Wing-shooting goes from 0 to 60 in September across the Carolinas as hunters don their shell vests and sling plenty of shot at doves, Canada geese and teal. […]

Night Fishing Xtra

In the Carolinas, daytime temperatures in July often get into the “too-hot-to-fish” range. That’s why plenty of anglers delay their trips until the sun goes down, the moon comes up and the fish start biting. […]

Summer Ocean Fishing Xtra

Hot weather brings a whole different kind of fishing to saltwater anglers;
most of it’s in the big water. […]

Mackerel Xtra

When the water warms up along the coast of the Carolinas, a couple of species that are among saltwater anglers’ favorites enter the picture: Spanish and king mackerel.

Turkey Hunting Xtra

Benjamin Franklin wanted the wild turkey, not the bald eagle, to be America’s bird. Lots of turkey hunters in the Carolinas would probably agree there’s no bird more regal than a wild turkey gobbler, no bird more challenging and frustrating to hunt, and no bird its equal on the Thanksgiving table. Learn about hunting the wild turkey here. […]

Bass Xtra

Lakes and rivers across the Carolinas hold a coming-out party for largemouth bass this month. Winter is almost gone, and the promise of spring is at hand. And bass are hungry, trying to pack on a few more ounces before the physical trial of the spawn. It’s a great time to have your line stretched.

Winter Fishing Xtra

Lots of anglers in the Carolinas put away their fishing tackle after the holidays, but they’re missing out on some great action. Learn what’s there for the taking when the mercury is plunging. […]