In the Carolinas, daytime temperatures in July often get into the “too-hot-to-fish” range. That’s why plenty of anglers delay their trips until the sun goes down, the moon comes up and the fish start biting.

Minnow managment is key to after-dark crappie fishing success

Bait for nocturnal crappie fishing seems to be one area where fishermen actually agree — a rarity in the sport. The vast majority use and trust live minnows for the best results.  […]

Lake Greenwood’s best nightlife isn’t limited to shoreline parties — it’s bass fishing

While some people visit the Lake Greenwood area for the nightlife on the shoreline, Brian McDade from the city of Greenwood prefers the nightlife on the lower end of the lake. He’s one of a number of local anglers who regularly fish night bass tournaments there. […]

New high-tech night-fishing light

Crossing a bridge over a southern reservoir on a summer night can treat you to a light show that really makes you want to wet a line. […]

Five tips for South Carolina night-fishing trips

As summer heat and recreational boat traffic make daylight hours less than hospitable to the serious angler, many turn nocturnal in pursuit of crappie, stripers, catfish and other fish that readily bite after hours. […]

Angler’s pocket guide to night-fishing for crappie

Like any type of modern fishing, the details of your set-up and presentation can often spell the difference between a so-so night and a great night on the water. Follow these tips to help you make the best of your night-fishing trips. […]

Overnighting for bottomfish opens up a new fishing world off North Carolina coast

Offshore fishermen who’d like a mixed bag for their coolers will find what they’re looking for well east of Cape Lookout, but the key is an extended trip and being flexible. […]

Night fishing on the rocks method for giant specks

To catch big wintertime speckled trout, try fishing after dark along jetty walls with MirrOlures. […]

Moonlight lunkers: Night-fishing is the way to go this month

I fished bass tournaments at night for a whole lot of years before I became a pro, and I enjoyed it a lot. Now, I fish at night for pleasure, and I enjoy it a lot. […]