When the water warms up along the coast of the Carolinas, a couple of species that are among saltwater anglers’ favorites enter the picture: Spanish and king mackerel.

Which one is it — Spanish mackerel or king?

King mackerel and Spanish mackerel have different size and creel limits, so correctly identifying these fish is critical for anglers. […]

Tricks for catching summer king mackerel

King mackerel offer plenty of summer opportunities to anglers along the Carolina coastlines. […]

King mackerel stir fry recipe

A stir fry brings out the best in king mackerel. […]

King mackerel run has pier, kayak anglers on fire

May is a special time along many Carolina beaches, and that is especially so along the beaches of Long Bay for the annual run of king mackerel that isn’t duplicated anywhere else in the two Carolinas. […]

Feed Spanish mackerel with a spoon

September is a transition month at the North Carolina coast, as fish move from summer’s deep offshore haunts to nearshore waters. […]

Unhooking Spanish mackerel doesn’t have to come with a cut

Follow these tips to avoid getting your fingers sliced while removing Spanish mackerel from your hook. […]

Start speaking Spanish, mackerel that is, in May off the Carolinas

One of the signs that spring has returned to the Carolinas is the arrival of Spanish mackerel in coastal waters. These little mackerel are targeted by fishermen from Hilton Head to Nags Head, and rightfully so. […]

King mackerel fishermen have numerous productive baits to choose from

Live baits are the most-productive ones for king mackerel, especially big kings. Some anglers continue to catch kings using a mixture of spoons, sea witches and lures. […]