Lots of anglers in the Carolinas put away their fishing tackle after the holidays, but they’re missing out on some great action. Learn what’s there for the taking when the mercury is plunging.

Kerr Lake catfish love the cold weather

Kerr Lake’s big, blue catfish come out to play this month when the water cools. […]

Winter fishing tips for kayak anglers

If you fish from a kayak, don’t put it away. January offers some great fishing. […]

Top 3 tips for catching cold weather trout

Scale down your fishing line and lure sizes and you’ll catch more wintertime speckled trout. And don’t forget to change your fluorocarbon leader often. […]

The cold truth – January saltwater fishing in the Carolinas

Fishing during the winter months can be tough, but following some expert tips will help you catch plenty of groceries during cold weather. […]

Cold-hot slabs – January means cold weather, hot crappie fishing on North Carolina’s Jordan Lake

Crappie fishermen who live in North Carolina are too far from Lake Grenada, Miss., or Reelfoot Lake in western Tennessee to regularly visit those hot spots. […]

Thaw out Badin slabs – Cold weather doesn’t stop hot crappie fishing on North Carolina’s Badin Lake this month

To say that a January morning is brisk can be an understatement, but with any luck,  the frost will give way to sunshine and biting fish. At Badin Lake on the Yadkin River chain, hungry and healthy crappie will most likely be holding tight to baitfish schools, hovering over deep-water creeks and coves, where long-line trolling a dragnet of jigs is the most efficient way to fill your 20-fish limit. […]

Cold weather, hot stripers – When winter approaches at Lake Hartwell, so does some of the best striper fishing of the year

If you’re looking for the best way to hook monster striped bass from Lake Hartwell this winter, one of the best ways is to forget live bait and use artificial lures. […]

Cold-weather fishing can pay off

Winter in the mountains is a time of stark beauty, a time when the dominant colors are blue, gray, brown and black, a time when streams run full and clear and icy cold, a time when a warm, sunny day is an event and a blessing for a trout fisher. […]