Yak Attack Hawg Trough Mounting Kit

One of the biggest differences between a powerboat and a kayak when it comes to entering fish in a tournament is the use of a livewell. Since paddlers use cameras to capture photos of caught fish, having a handy measuring tool at your fingertips is a must.

The Hawg Trough, a measuring board that’s widely used in kayak fishing, does its job well, but the 31-inch length makes it difficult to manage on a kayak. In steps Yak Attack with its innovative, simple Hawg Trough Mounting Kit that makes the task easier. The bracket set solves that problem by mounting it to the side of your Yak Attack Black Pak or milk crate for easy storage.

The kit includes stainless steel hardware and security bungee to mount the measuring board. The Hawg Trough is sold separately.

MSRP for the mounting kit is $15. For more information, visit yakattack.us

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